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Internet Marketing & Consulting

Here in North America, the Internet has truly become a component of daily life. According to a survey conducted by Burst Media (, the personal computer is quickly taking over in the home as the number one source for communications and entertainment.  At Orange Star, we have studied Internet Marketing since it's inception and can help you plan and develop a strategy and provide you with the necessary branded tools (your brand) for success.

Here are some of the Internet Marketing services we provide:

 Email Marketing

Subscribers opt-in by registering on your site.  It is a great way to get in front of your target market on a regular basis to get traffic to your site, increase brand recognition, and promote your products/services.  It is personalized and it can be segmented so you send strategic communication to select portions of your database based on their interests, location or other parameters.

Orange Star can design and develop a custom template that complements your branding and also set up the distribution, reporting and list management system.  Further, we can even craft and/or manage your campaigns for you.

Email Stationery

Custom designed Email stationery templates to complement your brand and communicate your message with a professional image. Our templates are designed to work with all major email service providers including MS Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail and more.

 Targeted Landing Pages

Often used in conjunction with email and/or offline marketing campaign, a landing page is a web page created for the specific purpose of driving the target market toward some intended action based on the offer presented in an ad.  A well-designed targeted landing page for an ad can greatly increase conversions, or the number of customers who act on your offer.  To take it a step further, we can create different landing pages for different market segments or for A/B testing to see which message is more successful.


Blogging can position you as an expert and can increase your search ranking significantly.  It's a great platform for sharing insight and for promoting your brand.  Many companies are starting to take blogging as a serious form of marketing and information distribution.  Orange Star can design and set up your blog and help you develop a blogging strategy.  Don't have time to write a blog?  We can help, we can pair you with a ghostwriter who will write it for you in your "voice." 

Social Media

Custom Designed Facebook pages set you apart and provide a more branded experience to your visitors.  Custom Facebook Pages also have the flexibility of multiple custom tabs where we can feature things like your Twiiter Feed, YouTube channel and more!

The primary goal of a Facebook page is to convert viewers to "Fans" which effectively means they have given you permission to market to them and their friends.  When a visitor arrives at your Page you probably have a few seconds to convert them to a Fan.    No matter how they arrived at your page (via Google Search, or a Facebook Link), by having a visually engaging custom tab as your landing page, you are increasing your odds of success.  Read More

  Twitter Pages
A Custom Twitter Background can extend the reach of your brand and make a real impression.  We can design a custom Twitter background and color palette that complements your brand and communicates your message.  Aside from the default Twitter background, Twitter currently offers 12 stock backgrounds and allows you to modify the colors of the background, text, links, and sidebar.  The best way to really stand out and look professional is to use your own custom branded design.

As part of Orange Star's Social Marketing family of services, we can design and implement your custom Facebook and Twitter Pages and help you craft a social marketing strategy to engage with your fans and followers.  If you’re also interested in learning more, please contact jodi @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 377-2555.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Online advertising works.  Searching is expected to exceed outdoor advertising in the U.S. if it has not already… in the United Kingdom it already has.  Search engines are typically responsible for driving 60–80 percent of website traffic and therefore, optimization of your site is critical.

Organic Optimization
Organic optimization means optimizing the content and structure of the website for non-paid results on search engines. Because you don’t want just any traffic, but rather, targeted traffic, it is important to research keywords for different segments of your target market and properly optimize the site accordingly.  These keywords will also be used in other online marketing efforts.  This should be managed by a qualified SEO/SEF professional.

Search Advertising
Also known as paid placement, sponsored listings, pay to play, pay for placement, CPC listings (cost-per-click), and PPC (pay-per-click).

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing are the main players. Advertising with both of these will give you a reach of over 90 percent of the Internet search engine audience. They both sell text-based keyword targeted ads through their own search engines as well as through a network of other search engines.  PPC puts you in front of your target market at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising which brings a higher ROI and increased customer base. Keywords are integral in search advertising — and a campaign should be managed by a qualified SEO/SEF professional.

Orange Star partners with qualified SEO professionals to offer organic and pay-per-click services to our clients.



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