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Jodi Hersh Photography
Abstract Series
Abstract Series
There is extraordinary in the mundane — if you look closely enough, everyday sights that wouldn't ordinarily be considered attractive or engaging can suddenly be transformed into art. These are close up photographs of found objects in my environment and are often mistaken for abstract expressionist paintings.
Number of images in category: 93
Zero Megapixels — the Pinhole Series
Zero Megapixels — the Pinhole Series
Pinhole is photography at its most basic. Pinhole cameras can be made from any light-tight container by making a small "pinhole" in it that will serve as the lens.  I make many of mine out of Altoids tins and other similar boxes.  The images are usually very wide angle with infinite depth of field but are also less sharp than with a standard lens... resulting in soft dreamlike images.
Number of images in category: 25


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