Tours Key West

Problem: Their old website had become dated, was not responsive for mobile, and was difficult to maintain. It had also become vulnerable to hacks and the site would break during updates.

Solution: We approached the redesign from a usability perspective to create the best user experience we could while keeping to the client’s budget. We implemented a custom WooCommerce site accommodating over 100 bookable products. We were also careful to maintain existing SEO value since the site had been around for quite a number of years.

Results: It’s been just over 60-days since the new site launched and revenue has topped the same period for the last 4 years or more. Other stats are amazing and continuing to climb steadily.

60 days post-launch:

  • No. of sessions up +28.23% (5297 vs 4,131)
  • Pageviews up +303.68% (42,830 vs 10,610)
  • Pages per session up +214.82% (8.09 vs 2.57)
  • Average Session Duration up +37.64% (03:16 vs 02:22)
  • Bounce Rate down –99.32% (0.36% vs 52.87%)
  • Organic Search Traffic up +41.52%