A good website should help you

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Stand out and be seen as an authority

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Get more leads & opportunities

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Get new customers & increase revenue

You don't need a website.

You need a reliable and repeatable system to attract, nurture and convert leads to customers to repeat customers and referral engines. 

We have been building websites for as long as there have been websites.

We approach websites as marketing tools to help you grow your brand and your business. We believe form follows function, user experience is gospel, and that a great website is about more than looking good. It’s about getting results.

Having a compelling, effective website is no longer a 'nice to have' item for business. It's a necessity. We’ll help you create an easy-to-manage site that will attract, engage and convert customers.

Website Design / Redesign

Information Architecture

UX Design (User Experience)


User Interface Design


Website Audits

Website Maintenance & Support

Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing Automation

and more...

The Smartist Way™ Framework

Using our Smartist Way™ framework, we take a deep dive into your business, examine your goals and budget and then define a solution to accomplish your objectives.

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Position yourself as the authority in your niche with clear messaging and professional design.

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You don’t need a website. You need a reliable and repeatable system to attract, nurture and convert leads to customers to repeat customers and referral engines. Your website is the foundation of this system.

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How will you drive traffic to your website? Blog, video, livestreams, podcast, in person networking, speaking, paid traffic...?

How it works


Using our Smartist Way™ framework, we’ll take a deep dive into your business together to determine how to help you achieve your goals. Through interviews and reviews, we will develop a series of deliverables that allow us to work efficiently through the duration of production. 


Here we focus on refining your differentiators, ideal prospects, unique value proposition, offers, and your brand story. We'll also look at your visual identity and identify any specific design needs.


We will work with you to gather existing materials for editing and repurposing and develop new content as needed. Our process lets us work together to create content that best represents your business and communicates your personality and character, while also resonating with your target market.


Your website will be a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and a clear path to purchasing your service. Your design will be unique to your company and set up for maximum conversion. 


This is where it all comes together. We build out your fully functioning, mobile responsive website. We integrate with third party services such as email marketing and marketing automation, install Google analytics performance reporting and perform Q&A testing.


A Video User Manual will be installed into your site and we'll also provide a one live webinar training covering basic website management and custom features. The webinar training will be recorded and presented for future use.


With your approval of the site, we schedule your launch date. We transfer the site to your hosting (we can help set that up) and help you point your domain to your new website. Finally, we will provide a thirty (30) day warranty beginning the day the website goes live to make sure the website meets your specifications.


All software needs updating, including the software that powers your website. We recommend a monthly maintenance plan to keep your site up to date with the latest CMS updates, plugin updates, security scans and fixes for malware and viruses, daily site backups, browser, link and spelling tests, as well as admin support. 


Successful websites are those that continue to attract the right visitors and lead them down a path towards becoming a customer. We can assist you with your ongoing content and demand generation strategy and make incremental improvements to the website to make sure that it continues to deliver a positive return on your investment.

Orange Star Design has been recognized as one of Top Web Designers In Georgia by DesignRush  

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Events calendar

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Online courses

Brand Messaging

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2hr Discovery session
Unique value proposition
Brand story

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Website Copywriting

Content written for you
Experienced copywriter
Optimized for conversions & SEO
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Logo Design

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3-5 logo concepts + variations of each
3 rounds of revisions
Brand guidelines
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Podcast Production

Start your own show
Show branding
Audio/Video production
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Explainer Videos

Discovery session
Script written for you
Audio/Video production
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Authority Interviews

Remote/virtual interview with you
to showcase your expertise
Edited audio & video provided
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