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Podcast Production Service

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Podcasts are one of the best ways to amplify your authority, build your audience and expand your influence.

Podcasts allow you to capture your prospect’s attention, share your expert knowledge, and connect with your audience and influencers quickly, easily, and profitably.

The hesitation for many would-be podcasters is that it is intimidating — there are a lot of things to figure out, many of them technical, and it is also time-consuming.

Well what if it didn't  have to be that way?  Our Podcast Production service is a done-with-you service where we take your ideas and turn them into a professional podcast. You simply bring your ideas and your voice as the podcast host, and we handle the rest and coach you each step of the way.

Create your podcast in just a few hours each month. Grow your audience and influence to increase your authority in your niche, establish and nurture relationships and convert listeners into clients.

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“The mere idea of putting myself out there on a larger stage with higher visibility shut down all of my creative juices. Not only did Jodi help address that, her incisiveness allowed me to get down to the core desires for my business.
From there, Jodi’s process took those desires and crafted an entire plan for my next year seemingly in minutes. Live broadcasts, email campaigns, a podcast, a book, a TEDTalk, and eventually to live events. Effectively, our conversation is becoming an entire ecosystem based off this new body of work.
She and her team are making the entire process effortless for me and a smooth experience for everyone involved. Jodi made that which was overwhelming to me not only achievable, it’s having a POWERFUL impact on my audience and my business.”

David Taylor-Klaus, DTK Coaching

How it works

Step one

Strategic Planning

  • We ask a lot of questions about you, your business, your vision, your ideal customer...and work with you to design an effective show format.
  • We determine how your show will help generate leads and customers
Step two


  • We develop your podcast name and description
  • We design artwork/image for your show and social channels
  • We develop your intros and outros
  • We design and add page to your website to showcase your show (or create a new site for your show)
Step three

Technical Set Up

  • We coach you through getting your tools & equipment set up
  • We help you record first 3 podcast episodes (we edit them for you)
  • We establish systems for inviting, scheduling, reminding and following up with guests.
Step Four

Launch and Promotion

  • We integrate your podcast with iTunes and submit to top podcast directories
  • We provide tools, templates and scripts for a successful podcast launch to help you be seen and heard by a targeted audience of your ideal prospects. 
Step Five


You simply record new weekly episodes and we do the rest as part of our ongoing monthly service:

  • edit recordings,
  • write show notes, blog posts and emails
  • publish each new episode


We provide ongoing coaching, resources and support for growing your podcast, converting listeners to client and more.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

Brainstorm your ideas with us and learn more about our approach to podcasting.

Premium Podcast Production Service Add-ons

done for you

Guest Booking

  • We reach out and book high-quality guests for your show.
  • Our system prepares both you and your guests in advance so you can show up for the appointment, have and record a great conversation and leave the rest to us.
done for you

Social Media

  • We plan, post and monitor engagement regularly M-F (up to four platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).
  • Weekly reporting tracks progress and informs action.
  • Also includes creation of digital images for posts
done for you

Premium Recording

  • Come to our studio and record with us in person
  • Alternatively, have us come to your location to record you
  • Optionally include video as well
done for you

Thought-Leader Promotion

Secure guest opportunities for you on other podcasts:
Targeted, quality outreach to appropriate, leverage-able audiences for your thought-leadership and your story.  The goal of the podcast engagement is to provide the you with interview opportunities that position you as an expert and allows you to provide value to the podcast’s audience, which will in turn elevate your digital platform with high quality content.

We guarantee a minimum of 12 podcast invitations per quarter (4 invitations per month); however, with great messaging and/or a great product, many clients surpass this monthly goal. 

done for you


This is a high-level service that's available when you're ready to share your “Idea Worth Spreading.” We have a 100% success rate — all of our clients have been booked, and some have been invited to more than one.