Authority Interviews

Showcase your expertise and position yourself as an authority

You. Interviewed.

authority interview

Leverage the power of video to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Being interviewed as an expert is one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority in your niche and to help generate high-quality leads.

Producing your own audio and video content to showcase your knowledge can feel awkward or manufactured. Being interviewed as an expert source by a third party is much more effective, natural and authentic.

In our Authority Interview process, we will prepare you in advance with questions designed to effectively share your story —  highlighting both your expertise and the value you provide your clients.

Leverage your expert interview:

  • as quality content for your website and social media channels (video, audio and written transcript)
  • to elevate your status as a thought-leader and subject matter expert
  • to communicate your value — how you help others to solve their problems with the service you provide
  • to help you land other speaking opportunities
  • to connect with listeners/viewers and influencers to build trust and authority
  • to increase your service fees with higher perceived expert status and trust

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How it works

Step one


We begin with a discovery session to learn all about you, your audience, what their problems are, your product/service offering, how your customers are transformed by your services, etc.

Step two

Story Coaching

We develop a series of questions designed to draw out your story in the most compelling way to resonate with your ideal audience and provide these to you in advance along with coached answers developed from your discovery session.

Step three

Remote Recording Session

We record your interview live via Zoom (audio and video), and edit as needed. We'll provide you with the finished video, audio and written transcript for use on your website, social channels. In addition, we will provide audio and video highlight clips and promotional images for social media posts.