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Tame the chaos, end the overwhelm, and get growing — master the art of focusing on the right things to accomplish more while doing less


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Learn how to implement The Smartist Way™ framework to successfully brand, market and grow your small business. 

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Most small businesses share a few common goals...

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Be seen as an authority (Stand out)

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Get more leads & opportunities

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Get new customers & make more money

Seems pretty simple and straightforward, right?
Why, then, does marketing feel so hard and overwhelming?

The problem is that most of us approach marketing like drinking from a fire hydrant.

Why is it that we start “doing all the things” everyone else is doing, or telling us to do, and next thing you know we are spending too much time posting here and there, writing blogs, doing Facebook lives, etc. but not really getting consistent results?

There is way too much information out there — small business marketing books, podcasts, websites, blogs, webinars, consultants, gurus, etc. Many are too technical, too basic or too outdated. And there are more tactics available than any one person or small team of people could possibly execute effectively — ESPECIALLY while also delivering whatever it is you do for your customers.

It is overwhelming and paralyzing. It is also unnecessary.

The Smartist Way is a framework I have developed — an essentialist approach to branding and marketing a small business. Small businesses have limited resources — time, money, humans — we can't do all the things larger organizations can. Traditional approaches don't work because we fail to execute consistently because we must also do the actual work we deliver to our customers.

But what if you could do less and accomplish more? By focusing on the right things, the essential things, and executing consistently on those key, essential things that matter most — you can end the overwhelm, tame the chaos and successfully grow your business.

Are you with me?  Let's do this!

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Jodi Hersh
The Smartist Way™ Framework
The Smartist Way™


An online course teaching you how implement The Smartist Way™ framework to successfully brand, market and grow your small business. 

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Set clear goals
Know your prospects
Build authority
Clarify your message
Plan your customer journey
Make it easy to buy
Be remarkable
Create a successful website
Smart tools & systems
How to drive demand
What should you measure?
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These are the essential tools we use within our own business and for our clients.