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Are you planning to launch a new business, website, campaign, product, or event? Is your website out of date and no longer serving your needs? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated trying to do “all the marketing things?”  

There are infinite paths to building a successful online business and they all start with a plan. We can help you define your goals, create a strategy to achieve them and put the tools and processes in place to make it all possible.

Ready to take action?

Single Strategy Session

If you want to build something great, you MUST have a solid foundation first. 

It’s time to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for business growth and long-term success.

In this 90-minute strategy session we’ll work together to map out a solid strategy and an action plan so you can prioritize your time and resources, build your brand, and grow your business.

How it works:

    1. Apply for a session to see if we are a fit. Fill out the application form and tell me where you’re struggling and what your goals are.
    2. A mini review of your online presence.  I review your online presence–from your website to your content and your social media. I evaluate what you’re doing well and where you can improve.
    3. Show up to the session ready to work! Together, we’ll map out a strategy that’s right for you. We’ll refine your idea, define your ideal customer, create a content plan that works for you, fine tune your offer, and make sure you have a manageable plan to keep the wheels in motion.

What you get:

You’ll fill out a Business Assessment form before we meet so we can make the most of our time together. After our session, you’ll receive a recording of the session and a PDF with a summary of our meeting and an action plan outlining the essential things to do to move your towards your goals.

Cost: $497


Advanced Discovery & Marketing Strategy

Your success depends on a solid foundation. This work is crucial. It is also the first step for any website or digital marketing project we do together.

By using our proprietary Smartist Way roadmap to branding and marketing a small business, we’ll take a deep dive into your business together to determine how to help you be seen as an authority (stand out), get more leads and opportunities, and get new customers & more money—all while taming the chaos and ending the overwhelm so you can get growing.  We will focus on:

  • SMART Goals
    • Where are you now? 
    • Where do you want to go? 
    • How will you get there? 
    • How will you know you are making progress?
  • Branding
    • Differentiate and position you as the authority in your niche.
    • Define your ideal prospect.
    • Refine your messaging and your core offer.
  • Platform You don’t need a website. You need reliable and repeatable system to attract, nurture and convert leads to customers to repeat customers and referral engines. We’ll define how a lead goes from stranger to paying client to brand advocate.
  • Demand  How will you attract people to your site – blog, video, fb live, podcast, in person networking, speaking? You can’t do all these things. Instead, do what best suits you. But the thing is, you have to actually do it. Most marketing fails because we fail to execute consistently.

Most businesses want to start discussing traffic, leads, and funnels right away, but all this doesn’t matter if you don’t have a solid  foundation in place yet. Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic to a website with a poor customer conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by adding more water instead of plugging the holes.

If you are doing all the things to generate demand but you don’t have branding and platform solid, you have a leaky bucket.  So stop doing that!  And let’s fix your bucket first.

How it works:

    1. Apply to see if we are a fit. Fill out the application form and tell me where you’re struggling, what your goals are.
    2. Over a series of sessions, we will develop a strategy that includes:
      • Initial Getting Started Discovery Meeting – During this call we’ll learn about your current marketing efforts as well as future goals and objectives.
      • Core Message and Ideal Client Persona Development – We’ll interview 5 ideal clients to discover your most effective competitive advantage. You will receive access to interview summaries, ideal client profiles, and our recommendation for a core marketing message that will allow you to stand out from the competition.
      • Editorial plan – We’ll build a content strategy that will allow you to map out 6-12 months of content as part of your ongoing marketing efforts
      • Customer Journey Map – we’ll help you create a roadmap of suggested marketing tactics for each of the phases of the customer buying journey: Know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer.
      • Competitive Landscape – We’ll study your biggest competitors and create high-level summaries and a report on their marketing strengths and weaknesses.
      • Priority Growth Recommendations – From our research and an audit of your existing marketing and online presence we’ll recommend the highest-impact activities you need to consider fixing or implementing today.
      • Complete website audit – This comprehensive, personalized report shows you the hidden problems that may be contributing to lack of results or worse, creating a poor experience for your visitors — AND tells you exactly how to fix them so you can start getting better results right away.
      • Presentation of Findings – Once we complete our work we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and your team via video chat to deliver the items above and map out what we believe is the best strategic approach for you to take with your marketing.  From this point, you’ll have several options for how you put our recommendations into action. Optionally, we can even implement some of it for you.

What you get:

Upon completion, you’ll have a clear direction for standing out and attracting the ideal client and a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy.

  • After each session, you’ll receive the following:
    • a recording of the session
    • a summary of our meeting
    • an action plan outlining the essential things to do to move you towards your goals.
  • A summary of our findings and your new marketing strategy.
  • A detailed plan for building out your project.


Cost: $3500.00


Ongoing Marketing Consulting/mentoring

Dedicated Support designed to give you the outside perspective you need. 

Growing a brand and a business is a continual process, so we work with most of our clients on an ongoing basis. Our support plans are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Once you have a solid foundation to build on, you need to continue to optimize your offers, messaging and marketing to get the best results. If you want a partner to help manage the details, we’ll create a plan to keep your new asset working for you.

Regular marketing consulting is important to really foster your business growth. It’s with regular strategy sessions that you will be able to develop your businesses marketing strategies and maintain your business focus. Each session can cover brand image, business strategy and marketing direction or even specific marketing strategy elements. 

  • 4 sessions/month x 3 months ($2,400 or $800/mo)
  • 2 sessions/month x 3 months ($1,200 or $ 400/mo)
  • 1 session/month x 3 months ($600 or $200/mo)


  • Hour long sessions.
  • You will submit a form in advance to tell me what we are working on.
  • Sessions are recorded, and you will receive a summary including action steps after each session

Services that may be added to your custom tailored plan include but are not limited to:

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • eBooks
  • Copywriting
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Maintenance
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Campaigns and Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Podcast Production
  • Video Production

Whether you need help with website maintenance, ongoing design work, digital strategy and consulting, or simply a trusted expert to optimize and publish your new blog posts, we’ve got your back.

A monthly retainer plan allows us to dedicate the necessary time and resources for you on a regularly scheduled basis to guarantee our availability.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Jodi Hersh - Orange Star Design

Jodi Hersh


I help others grow their brands and their businesses with smart creative. I am personally involved and invested in every project. I work with a network of experienced strategic partners to create an all-star project team to fit your needs.

Get in touch and let’s see how my team and I can help you.

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