The Content Creators Planner — my first physical product

By November 10, 2018 #ShowYourWork, Marketing
content creators planner

When you have the right idea at the right time and the right person to do it with, something magical happens. It’s like time folds in on itself. You get hyper-focused and things happen very quickly. That’s how it has been with The Content Creators Planner. This is my first physical product (other than my art) and I am partnered with Kim Doyal. (It was her fabulous idea!)

In the latest episode of the Kim Doyal show, she talks about everything that has led her to this and more.

Here’s how things have gone down… I was literally on a cruise ship in August with my client Q Evon, traveling the British Isles shooting a series of videos for her business when Kim reached out.I think it maybe have actually been about 1:30 am for me at the time. She asked if I knew InDesign. Well duh, yes, I do. She presented her idea for physical planner book for content marketers and asked if I’d be interested. Sure! As soon as I returned to the U.S. we got to work — this was late August. This has been so easy and so fun, I can hardly believe it. We’ve been sharing some sneak peeks and behind the scenes content within our online groups and with colleagues and feedback has been amazing — helping to fuel momentum even more.

We are just about ready to go to press now and plan to launch our 30-day KickStarter to fund the initial production on Nov. 26 so we can get the planner into people’s hands in January. Holy moly, that was fast!

“This is a physical planner for mapping and planning your content. We’ve created it as a quarterly planner because planning and mapping content for a year or even 6 months isn’t necessarily realistic. I know that there’s no way I know what I’ll want to create or produce next fall, let alone if it’s valuable to my brand(s). The purpose of the planner is to get people to start thinking of their content from two perspectives: is this valuable to my audience and how will this drive my business?” ~Kim Doyal

In other words, does your content convert to leads and sales?

Here are a few of the things that are included:

  • Content strategy map
  • Content goals
  • Monthly campaign goals
  • Content checklists (what you should include in different types of content)
  • Monthly statistics
  • Quarterly statists
  • Campaign & funnel tracking
  • …so much more!

For those who are not familiar with Kim Doyal, she hosted the WP Chick podcast for many years (now the Kim Doyal Show) and founder of the Content Creators Facebook Group (free to join) and Creators Nation (online training/membership).

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