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Superpowers, 80,000 Ideas, and How to Turn Overwhelm on its Head

In a recent interview with Krista Martin for Six Figure Impact® LIVE, Krista noted that one of my secret weapons is my ability to come up with at least 80,000 ideas for each of my clients. I loved that. Some might find that overwhelming, but if you listen in to the interview, you’ll hear how I flip overwhelm on its head and use this superpower to deliver work my clients love.

We also discuss some common mistakes I see coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs make when it comes to branding and their websites and exactly what to do instead.

Here are some high level points from our discussion:

You Don’t Need a Website

This might sound funny coming from a website designer, but I think it’s important to be clear about what your needs are, what you are building, and why you’re building it.

  • What you need are more customers.
  • What you need is a platform that with establish you as an authority.
  • What you need is a repeatable system that will capture and convert leads to customers.

In other words, you need an online marketing engine. I don’t build websites. I build marketing platforms.

Three Essentials of a Solid Foundation

If you want to build something great, you MUST have a solid foundation first. Here are three essentials of a solid foundation:

1.   Branding/positioning

This is how you differentiate yourself and position yourself as the authority in your niche. This is about telling your unique story to really connect with your ideal prospects in a way that makes you the clear choice.

2.   Platform

This is your technology stack: Website + sales funnel + marketing automation tools. And most importantly, content. It is implementing a funnel strategy that turns strangers into prospects and paying customers and referral engines — know > like > trust > try > buy > repeat > refer.

3.   Demand Generation

This is your plan for generating traffic to your site, such as blogging, video marketing, FaceBook Live, podcasts, in person networking, speaking, etc. You can’t do all these things and still have time to “make the donuts;” therefore, do what suits you best.

Here’s the secret though: You have to actually do it. Most marketing fails because we fail to execute consistently.
 So play to your strengths and do what makes sense for you so that you actually do it.  If you are likely to never produce content, then consider paid traffic.

Here’s another secret: Investing in technology solutions without a solid strategy is a waste of your time and money.

Obviously, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and be all over the map. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I’ve developed a framework called The Smartist Way. It’s an essentialist roadmap for branding and marketing a small business designed to help you tame the chaos, end the overwhelm, and get growing.


Six Figure Impact Live

Meanwhile, don’t miss Krista’s upcoming event, Six Figure Impact® LIVE. I was a sponsor last year and am doing it again this year because yes, she’s THAT good! I’m still repeating things she said and resonating with everything I learned last year. Plus, I met a lot of great people and got some new clients, too.

As a sponsor, I have a handful of discounted tickets. If you haven’t registered yet, email me and I’ll give you a discount code if I still have any left.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Carrie on September 27, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    AWesome article! Can’t wait to listen to the interview and wish I could attend.

    • Jodi Hersh on September 28, 2018 at 12:28 am

      Thanks, Carrie! It was a fun interview to do. Last year’s event was fantastic – I’m really looking for to this one.

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