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creating consistent content

On Becoming a Consistent Content Creator

Yesterday I wrote and published a post on — How to Become a More Consistent Content Creator.  Oh, the irony…

Until very recently, I had not really been a consistent content creator. My planner partner Kim and I laughed about it at first. Then I started thinking about why it was that I had not been a consistent content creator all these years.

Usually, we coach people to ask themselves why they are creating content to help them create focused, targeted, purpose-driven content. But here I was asking myself why I was not creating.

Yes, I was always so busy with client work, I honestly didn’t have time. I didn’t make time because it wasn’t a priority. I had the intention to do it, “because you are supposed to do it,” but when it came to priorities, it was never as high a priority as other things.  But also, it didn’t matter.

For 27 years, my design business has been built on referrals and networking. The inquiries and prospects who have found me purely through search or other online means have not been the same quality as those that find me through mutual connection. As a very small boutique design studio, I have built my authority in other ways. Content is not the only way.  So for Orange Star, consistent content creation was never a high priority because it was not linked to my sales/success.

With Content Creators Planner and my upcoming course The Smartist Way, it is different. And now I am excited to create content to help people help themselves! It is a way to showcase expertise but also a way to serve others. In either case, it is also part of my sales and marketing strategy to attract prospects, convert them to leads and ultimately customers… and hopefully raving fans and sources for reviews and referrals.

I am becoming more consistent because it is now a higher priority and is directly tied to my sales and marketing. It is also fun when I am not stressed by other work and demands.

This is a big shift for me. I’ve spent 27 years in my design business helping clients bring their visions to life in all sorts of ways. Over the last few years, while still doing that, I have been exploring other revenue streams to add to the mix. My goal isn’t to leave client services, but to no longer be dependent on it.

🎨  From 2010-2017 I was doing art festivals and actively selling my art. I will get back to the art-making and selling, but not the festivals. It takes too much out of me. I actually woke this morning to a surprise sale:) Yay! 🎉

🐾  In 2013 I launched Live Love Dogs – pawsitively fetching sWAG for dog lovers. A percentage of every purchase benefits rescue groups.

In 2019 I co-launched Content Creators Planner with Kim Doyal and we have been on quite a wild ride with it. Our planner helps content marketers set goals, strategize, systemize, simplify, and quickly write effective content that generates traffic, leads, and sales.

And I am currently busy working on my course The Smartist Wayan essentialist framework for branding and marketing a small business — with the intention of launching before the end of 2020.

I am going to be sharing my ongoing journey, things I am learning or find interesting in an almost weekly email I am calling Fresh Squeezed (from Orange Star, get it?).  You can subscribe right here in the blog.

OK, enough about me… I’d love to hear about whatever you are focused on. Please reply with comment below and fill me in. Really!

With love and dog hair,

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