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targeted landing pages

Targeted Landing Pages

landing pages

Ok, you built it and they have come.  Now what?

You have less than two seconds to interest a visitor and get them to do whatever you want them to do (click for more information, sign up for e-mail notices, purchase a product, etc.).   A landing page is a web page created for the specific purpose of driving the user toward some intended action based on the offer presented in an online or offline ad or based on a particular keyword or phrase search.   Just imagine, you Google something, click on results and immediately see, in bold letters supported by relevent graphics, exactly what you are looking for.  Meet the landing page!

Maximize results

While the goal of an ad is to generate interest in your offer; the goal of the landing page is to close the deal.  A targeted landing page can greatly increase conversions (the number of customers who act on your offer).  Because Landing page content is so very focused on a single audience segment or a single offering and a call to action, and those visiting the page are responding to an offer or have searched for this content, they are very effective in terms of conversions. You may also want to create different landing pages for different market segments or for A/B testing, to see which message is more successful, etc.

Know your market, your audience…

No matter how homogenous you may think your market is, it’s really not.  It is made up of segments made up of segments made up of segments.  By identifying segments based on age, gender, buying habits, interests, location, new vs. returning, etc.  you can better customize landing pages to each segment or key word/phrase and increase the conversion rate for a particular market segment or search term.

Also, Landing pages can increase search ranking and will often rank high when a user searches for something specific like “cotton summer dress” vs “women’s clothing.”

Place an ad for a specific promotion and direct people to a specific page of your site. (  You may also send out an email campaign promoting the offer and link it.  If you create 2 versions of the Landing Page and direct the offline viewers to one version and the email recipients to the other,  you can track the effectiveness of the offline promo vs the online promo by comparing visits and conversions.  You can also vary the call to action or the design or other element(s) between the versions and compare those results and make informed improvements on your next promotion.

Here’s another example targeting market segments:
A University may have a landing page for each program track (Healthcare, IT, Education, Marketing, etc.) and for each market segment (people seeking to make career change, people who have been layed off, people interested in a masters degree program, people interested in night-school, people interested in online degrees, people interested in certificate programs, etc.)

Keep it simple

Landing pages should be simple and scannable (not filled with dense copy).  Text and graphics should be very focused on the specific offer.  Ask for the sale —  common practice is that two calls to action is best.  The primary being to make an actual purchase, fill out a quote request, fill out a form to view an online demo or to download a whitepaper, participate in a survey, etc.   The secondary option is aimed at those who are not quite ready to buy — something like  “learn more” (link to more detailed info) or “stay connected” (email sign up, follow on facebook or twitter, etc).

We can help

With years of experience in web design and development, Orange Star can help you through the entire process from concept to completion. We keep up with the latest innovations in the industry and have the knowledge, experience and creativity to provide you with solutions that bring results. Contact Us to learn more.

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